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Preserve your retirement income for later in life to cover essential expenses that may also increase as you age, such as prescription drugs, in-home care, and other health care expenses.

Here are some benefits to why you should consider ​QLAC:

  • May reduce taxes by reducing your RMD
  • Plan for a future stream of income you or your spouse cannot outlive
  • Spousal and non-spousal benefits
  • Guard your principal
  • Include a cost of living adjustment (COLA)
  • No annual fees
  • Contractual guarantees only
  • A Diversified Income Distribution Strategy
  • Indexed to inflation

*Carefully consider the terms and conditions of the annuity contract, including but not limited to: the fees, expenses, and limitations. Guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuer. Additionally, the purchase of an annuity is an IRA or employer sponsored plan provides no additional tax benefits than those available through the tax-deferred retirement plan.